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I placed Dead Last at the Snohomish River Run Marathon on 10/15/17.  I may have finished last, but I FINISHED!

I placed Dead Last at the Snohomish River Run Marathon on 10/15/17 and got this picture and a mention in the Snohomish Running Company's Facebook post about the race. They said I was so inspiring because I just kept moving and pushed through the pain I was in and crossed that Finish Line.

I drove to Portland, OR on 9/25/17, so that I could attend Dutch Bros. Annual Leadership Conference where Gary Vee would be speaking. I was hoping for a selfie with him but I got SO MUCH MORE!!! Not only did I get picked by Gary to be flown to NYC to spend the day with him and his team at VaynerMedia, but I got to be introduced to the Dutch Bros. culture and met some TOTALLY AWESOME people I am now connected with on social media. I am SO VERY GRATEFUL that I opted to get out of my comfort zone and take a day off work to drive 120 miles and go hear one guy speak! BE THE DIFFERENCE!

Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) flew me to NYC and I was granted the opportunity to spend the day with him and his team at VaynerMedia so they could help me grow my personal brand online. That entire experience was SO AMAZING!!! I was flown from SEA to NYC, stayed the night at the Cambria Hotel & Suites in Manhattan and spent the next day at VaynerMedia. I got to meet the members of Gary Vee's Team, along with the interns, and I was even invited to sit in a meeting with Gary and his team. FIRE!!!! What 99.9% of people see on YouTube and DREAM about being able to do, I was able to experience! PHENOMENAL!!!

My friend Michelle, who is an AMAZING runner and cancer survivor that I met at the Balboa Park 8-Miler on 8/4/17. I met her and a few other cancer survivors who ran the race that day. I was on my PHENOMENAL road trip around the country and registered, at the last minute, to run that race so that I could meet my Facebook friend, Jackie. I got to meet Jackie, Michelle, Gustavo and some other cancer survivors who were running the race that day. It warmed my heart to be running the race with these new friends who had beat cancer and did not let it hold them down. They were STILL out there running that day! What's really cool is that we follow each other and keep in touch on social media. We may have met each other and run together that one day, but we forged connections that day that will not be broken. Multiple Sclerosis is incurable so I will always have it and these friends will always be cancer survivors. We will ALWAYS be cheering each other on!

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